Top 5 tips to stay focused on your goals

I once heard that “If we don’t move forward, you die” (I think you can even find this in the Netflix series Ozark).  Whilst this is quite a bold statement, if you think about it, it is actually not too far off the mark. It’s pretty hard to go through life without moving forward in some shape or form. We go from a child, learning to eat, walk, talk and read and write to many more skills we gain as an adult such as to cook, drive, build relationships and get jobs / build businesses.

Growth happens in so many ways, and often comes when you least expect it. I remember my 3 year old teaching me that YouTube had a voice search function! She learnt the voice search function because she couldn’t spell her favourite video, so she learnt how to get results in other ways to achieve her goals. Think about all the conversations you have with friends and family – how a family member cooked a delicious dinner and sent you the recipe, how your best friend’s make up was beautiful and sent you a link to the products on amazon for you to buy and try yourself, or the youtube video she watched to achieve the look. Or maybe you changed from an android to an apple phone and had to re-learn how to use the phone…..don’t feel ashamed, we have all been there!

Those things are easy; personal growth which happens without you even realising it. What about when you need to step outside of your comfort zone? This place is hard right? Scary?  Let’s see if we can break this down into steps which will help you achieve your goals and move you forward out of your comfort zone and into the life you are dreaming about.

  1. What is your ultimate goal? Is it to buy a dream home? Is it to launch your own business? Is it to get a promotion at work? Whatever you want, write down your ultimate goal. Visualise it. Every single day. Visualise what it will look like and what it will feel like WHEN you reach your goal.
  2. Let’s break this goal down into manageable pieces. Split this goal into 5 individual chunks. What do you need to achieve each section? Do you need to learn anything? Ask advice from anyone? Or spend time writing content or updating your CV?
  3. Work out how much time you need to achieve each bitesize section. Can this be done in an hour, a week, a month or longer? Set a goal of when this needs to be achieved by. If it’s small, consider doing 2 within a month. If its large, focus on achieving that one per month so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Make sure you set a time scale on it – endless tasks will take an infinite time to complete and there will always be something else for you to do.
  4. Type out your Monthly goal and stick it somewhere where you can see this daily. My monthly goals are usually in front of my desk, where I can work through them at my own pace during the month. Have no more than 4 goals a month. Any more than this and you will become overwhelmed and you will end up deflated and self sabotage when time runs away with you
  5. Tick off the items as you go, so you can see that you are one step closer each time to your end goal. Repeat this until you achieve all your goals you set out.

And remember, nothing worth having comes easy. But it sure as hell is worth it. 

Good luck! You got this!!

Achieved your goal this month? Let me know in the comments. I’m with you every step of the way. 

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