Just say no – it’s ok, honestly!

 I’ve spent years as a “yes” woman. I am a people pleaser, often at the detriment to my health, sanity, workload and family time. I don’t like to disappoint people so I always strive to overdeliver, over achieve and be there for everyone at any time they need me. Are you one of these people as well? Always saying yes, even when you are already so overloaded? Getting an increased workload to cover your colleagues time off?  Or perhaps someone invites you to a dinner or party which gives you something else to fit into your already jam-packed social calendar?  

You aren’t alone. So many of us are exactly the same, but you know what – it’s ok to say no. Say no to covering someone’s holiday at work if you can barely manage your own workload. Say no to the friend or family member asking for last minute plans, if they are inconvenient or force you to change that “date” with netflix you pencilled in for the first afternoon you have had to yourself in months. 

Unless you are putting someone else at danger, or your actions will hurt the company, then you have a right to be selfish.  You have a right to say no. You have a right to put yourself first. 

If you continue to put everyone else before yourself, people will start to not only expect it but it will start to be a slippery slope for you. I fear that you will start to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, unappreciated and mentally and physically you will not be the best version of you.

Why don’t you schedule blocks of time where you get to do exactly what YOU need to do. Perhaps it’s a weekly candle lit bath and a podcast you have been meaning to listen to for months. Or perhaps it’s that yoga class you have been meaning to make for the last 6 months and never found the time. Today is the day – book a class, take time for yourself without feeling guilty and say no to something which doesn’t fill you with joy.

Leave me a comment below and let me know what you said no to this week or what did you do which was just for yourself. I would love to hear about changes you have made this week. 

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